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Paulina Observatory (Türkenschanz garden)

I was born on November 2nd 1962 in Brčko, Bosnia Herzegovina. Only one year later, my parents and I migrated to Croatia. In 1972, we finally settled down in Vienna as a „guestworker“ family. There, I went to school starting with the 3rd grade of elementary school and later obtained a Master's degree in Geography at the University of Vienna in 1990. From 1990 to 2015, I have worked as a social manager and community worker at Wiener Hilfswerk. I started taking classes to be a professional austrian guide in 2017, to finally pass the last one of three exams for the qualification examination on April 30th 2019. 

„Should we have an Armageddon I will change my residence to Vienna. There becomes all reality 50 years later.”


GUSTAV MAHLER, director of Vienna state opera and composer


"Vindobona"  on Donaukanal

Due to my biography, I am very interested in migration and integration of migrants. Immigrants from all across the globe allow the Viennese to find out a lot about other cultures, just by talking to people in their immediate neighbourhood. As a typical Viennese Croatian, one of my passions is sports, primarly soccer and every ball sport. Another one is to travel. Travelling to other countries, e.g. bicycle tours to the Black Sea Turkey and the Maghreb countries in Northern Africa. I like to spend my holidays in the Dolomites in Southern Tyrol, Italy, or in the flatland of Slavonia in Croatia.

As a passionate guide, my customers will profit from my knowledge about and experience with welfare institutions and history of arts, as well as the geography of the city. My presentations will be focused on individuals and their social surroundings, either following the traces of world-famous Viennese musicians, or learning more about welfare institutions in a wealthy, modern city.  



Marko Iljić